We are what we eat!

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What’s in our food?

  • Animal agriculture is synonymous with violence and brutality, the production and release of methane – the biggest driver of climate change.
  • A food system driven through biotech. Pesticides are carried and distributed by rain. It’s no wonder we’ve killed so many insects so quickly.
  • We know that animal agriculture has been a driving force for the destruction of natural habitat.
  • The means that we have used to kill off up to 85% of the animal biodiversity in 40 short years has a direct connection from those behaviors to the threats against the survival of humanity.
  • The loss of insects, of pollinators represents a direct threat to food security.
  • A critical response to a capitalistic system so far out of control is to localize food production.
  • Another critical response to the threat of an economics-driven civilization’s collapse is to reassess our needs: healthy food, clean air and water, shelter, clothing.
  • 4 appropriate responses to climate change are:
    • Reduce demand for by consuming much less animal products, none if possible.
    • Drive much less, even none if possible.
    • Fly much less, even none if possible.
    • Have less children, even none if possible – take better care of the children and beings already on this planet.
  • We need to begin to understand what our own individual impact on natural habitat is, and begin to offset the damages our lives have caused in one lifetime with gains in habitat protection.

Not just stopping new environmental destruction, not just less damage…
but massive new areas of ecological restoration.

Implementing and expanding protections and restorations for all living systems.

Reducing and reversing harm from humankind on the planet.

Rights of Nature | Community Rights

Transparent & Tangible Conservation Projects, owned by the community, not just advocacy.


Only supporting candidates that are not only going to be transparent and accountable on climate change/ecosystem destruction – but also proactive in immediately implementing solutions at an unprecedented level and speed!


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